Computational Biology Technical Service

Omics Core Facility

Provides both library preparation and subsequent high-throughput, deep-sequencing services. Featuring high-throughput, fast, long-segment and single-cell sequencing, the subplatform offers services from library separation and sequencing to bioinformatics processing in order to meet researchers’ different sequencing needs. The platform has the following instruments:

Category Type
illumina Hiseq sequencer illumina Hi-seq 2000
illumina NextSeq sequencer illumina NextSeq500
NanoPore ultralong sequencer Oxford Nanopore
Genomics 10x Genomics 10x

Contact: XIN Changpeng Tel: 86-21-54920545

Uli-Schwarz Central Lab

To commemorate Prof. Uli Schwarz and his great contribution to Sino-German scientific collaboration, the public central lab of the CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology (PICB), an outgrowth of the former Max-Planck Guest Lab founded by Prof. Schwarz in 1985, was renamed the Uli Schwarz Quantitative Biology Core Facility. This facility mainly supplies high-throughput genetic, phenotypic and metabolic data, as well as data on aging, facial imaging, and big tissue 3D-imaging for computational modeling and analysis. It also provides wet lab infrastructure to verify dry data modeling. The platform has the following instruments:

Category Type
luorescence real-time quantitative PCR Roche LC480
High-throughput gene analysis system Fluidigm Biomark HD
Multifunctional microplate reader Bio-Tek Synergy H1
High-throughput metabolic enzyme platform PE Janus 8
Microfluidic chip technology platform ABM/6/350/DCCD/M;EMCCD Evolve 512
High efficiency ultrasonic breaker Covaris S220
3D multifunctional imaging system Visio Sphere 3D+
Living cell workstation ZEISS Axio observer Z1
Laser capture microdissection system ABI Arcturus XT
Two-photon laser scanning confocal microscope Zeiss LSM 880 NLO
Lightsheet microscopic imaging system Zeiss lightsheet Z1

Contact: CHEN Yujie Tel: 86-21-5492 0415