PGG.Han: the Han Chinese genome database and analysis platform

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Database Resources of the National Genomics Data Center in 2020

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PhenoModifier: a genetic modifier database for elucidating the genetic basis of human phenotypic variation

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tmap: an integrative framework based on topological data analysis for population-scale microbiome stratification and association studies

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EpiDISH web server: Epigenetic Dissection of Intra-Sample-Heterogeneity with online GUI


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A New Method for Complex Triplet Extraction of Biomedical Texts

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Off-target RNA mutation induced by DNA base editing and its elimination by mutagenesis


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A vitamin-C-derived DNA modification catalysed by an algal TET homologue


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Multi-omics profiling reveals distinct microenvironment characterization and suggests immune escape mechanisms of triple-negative breast cancer

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Association Study Reveals Genetic Loci Responsible for Arsenic, Cadmium and Lead Accumulation in Rice Grain in Contaminated Farmlands

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DRAP: a toolbox for drug response analysis and visualization tailored for preclinical drug testing on patient-derived xenograft models

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Synthesizing ginsenoside Rh2 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell factory at high-efficiency

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A Genome-Wide Study of Allele-Specific Expression in Colorectal Cancer

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VCAM-1+ macrophages guide the homing of HSPCs to a vascular niche


Modeling and Predicting the Activities of Trans-Acting Splicing Factors with Machine Learning

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SP8 and SP9 coordinately promote D2-type medium spiny neuron production by activating Six3 expression


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A novel mutation KCNQ1p.Thr312del is responsible for long QT syndrome type 1

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Sox30 initiates transcription of haploid genes during late meiosis and spermiogenesis in mouse testes


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