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Enter Query Structure

1) PDB structure of a protein antigen must be labeled with a single chain. The epitope residues can be specified in the following steps.
2) Batch files can be uploaded by adding new files.
3) Antigen-antibody complex should be preprocessed to retrieve the antigen structure before uploading.
4) You may find useful tools to preprocess your files (click here).

Example of processed conformational epitopes: 1J1O  2DQJ 

Enter Query Sequence

1) Multiple sequences can be included in one FASTA file.
2) CE-BLAST identifies a highly similar sequence to your query as a representative to search the HA1 database.
3) If your HA1 sequence is new, please model the structure first and then upload the structure from the track of Enter Query Structure.

Example of processed influenza structures: H3N2_HA1_multiple_sequences  H1N1_HA1_multiple_sequences 
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