Resource: this page allows access to all of LIMORE data for batch download.

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Clinical information of 81 liver cancer cell lines The epidemiology information of patients from which LIMORE cell lines were derived from. Additional detailed information of our newly generated cell lines would be provided upon request.
Gene expression profiles of 81 cell lines Gene expression profiles of 81 cell lines from RNA-Seq data.
Cancer functional genes of 81 cell lines Somatic coding mutations in key cancer genes from 81 cell lines’ WGS/WES data. All the somatic coding mutations can be obtained from the publication. All the somatic noncoding mutations would be added soon. All the germline mutations are under controlled access and would be available upon request.
HBV integration of 60 cell lines HBV integration data of 60 cell lines from WGS data.
Drug response data of 81 cell lines This data contains all the screened drug responses in 81 cell lines. The value is the relative cell number after drug treatment (at the indicated dose) normalized to DMSO control.
More data To be added: annotation of noncoding mutations.