Welcome to MultiWaver 2.0 Web Toolkit


MultiWaver series software was designed to infer population admixture history in case of various and complex scenarios. The earlier version of MultiWaver considered only the discrete admixture models. In the newly developed version MultiWaver 2.0, we implemented a more flexible framework to automatically select an optimal admixture model among discrete models and continuous models.

Four candidate admixture models now available for MultiWaver 2.0, which are general discrete admixture models, HI (Hybrid Isolation) model, CGF (Continuous Gene Flow) model and GA (Gradient Admixture) model. The software can automatically select a best-fit model and estimate the corresponding model parameters. We also applied a bootstrapping technique to provide a supporting rate of the chosen model and the confidence interval (CI) of estimations of parameters.

Function of MultiWaver 1.0 and AdmixInfer were also implemented in the new version, which can be invoked with specific parameters.

This web toolkit is a user-friendly interface based on the command-line version of MultiWaver 2.0. You may click here to download the original user manual.

How to use

You may download sample inputs here or click to check out sample outputs.

  1. Go to the input page.
  2. Select an ancestral tracks file for input and fill in the output filename.
  3. Set desired parameters (optional). Detailed explanations and examples are listed in the user manual.
  4. Click the "analyze" button to run. Please be patient as uploading files may take some time.

You will receive a link to the page that will later display the resulting figure and allow you to download all the output data as a zip file.

Note: Due to the uncertainty of computation workload, the waiting time is not garuanteed.