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  • PROJ Transcription profiling of acute promyelocytic leukemia with TTMVRARA

    Kankan Wang, Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine,2024.06.26



  • PROJ Microbial Stream Biofilms on the Tibetan Plateau

    Jianjun Wang, Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology,2023.12.18


    Sampling stream biofilms for bacterial and fungal biodiversity and underlying driving mechanisms research on the Tibetan Plateau in 2018.


  • PROJ test

    Pu Liu, ,2024.06.30



  • PROJ Thermophilic Hadarchaeota grow on long-chain alkane in syntrophy with methanogens

    Yu Tiantian, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,2024.04.03



  • PROJ Trascriptome sequencing on gallbladder cancer cohort - L

    Yingbin LIU, Renji Hospital, School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,2024.05.07


    NGS RNAseq on 18 paired GBC cases (tumor and paratumor) and 22 unpaired GBC tumor.


  • PROJ Trascriptome sequencing on gallbladder cancer cohort - Z

    Yingbin LIU, Renji Hospital, School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,2024.05.07


    NGS RNAseq on 41 paired gallbladder cancer samples.


  • PROJ Gallbladder-gallbladder cancer transcriptome atlas

    Yingbin LIU, Renji Hospital, School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,2024.05.07


    This project included Pacbio CCS sequencing data and correponding NGS RNAseq data on gallbladder related samples, including eight gallbladder cancer samples, four normal gallbladder, four gallbladder cancer cell lines and one non-cancerous gallbladder epithelium cell line.


  • PROJ Spatial Transcriptome of Liver Cancer

    Hong Li, SINH,2022.12.20


    Spatial Transcriptome (10X genomics Visium platform) on four fresh frozen liver cancer samples


  • PROJ Viral-bacterial incubation experiment

    Cong Liu, East China Normal University,2023.03.16


    we conducted incubation experiment starting with mixing different amounts of soil viruses with soil bacteria and tracked the dynamics of virus and bacterial cell abundances as well as bacterial community composition.


  • PROJ Algicidal bacteria-derived membrane vesicles as shuttles mediating cross-kingdom interactions between bacteria and algae

    Xiaolan Lin, Xiamen University,2023.10.13


    Bacterial membrane vesicles (BMVs) were recently recognized as an important biological shuttle bus for channeling interspecies and interkingdom interactions. However, whether and how BMVs are involved in the communication between bacteria and algae remains unknown. Here, we show the first demonstration that BMVs perform cargo delivery to targeted microalgae. In this study, membrane vesicles (MVs) released from the algicidal bacterium Chitinimonas prasina LY03 (LY03-MVs) with the same algicidal activity and spectrum as strain LY03 were observed. The yellow‒green pigment produced by LY03 was then extracted and identified as a novel algicidal compound that was found to be selectively packaged into LY03-MVs. Microscopic imaging further confirmed that the algicidal compound loaded in LY03-MVs was delivered to the microalgae Heterosigma akashiwo and Thalassiosira pseudonana via membrane fusion, and its efficiency could be enhanced by the chemotactic responses of LY03 toward targeted algae. Combined with the observation of MV-labeled nucleic acids in algal cells and the recovery of growth of iron-depleted microalgae by MVs, our study demonstrated that BMVs can perform the delivery of multiple functional cargoes to algae, which reveals a previously unknown mechanism by which algicidal bacteria store hydrophobic algicidal pigments in MVs to trigger target microalgae death and strongly suggests that BMVs could potentially be useful tools for engineering the cross-talk between bacteria and algae.