National Omics Data Encyclopedia

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POEP000194     XOEX001546    Exp01 SOES013911    Sample_01 SOES013912    Sample_02 SOES013913    Sample_03 SOES013914    Sample_04 SOES013915    Sample_05 SOES013916    Sample_06 SOES013917    Sample_07 SOES013918    Sample_08 SOES013919    Sample_09 SOES013920    Sample_10 SOES013921    Sample_11 SOES013922    Sample_12 SOES013923    Sample_13 SOES013924    Sample_14 SOES013925    Sample_15 SOES013926    Sample_16 SOES013927    Sample_17 SOES013928    Sample_18 SOES013929    Sample_19 SOES013930    Sample_20 SOES013931    Sample_21 SOES013932    Sample_22 SOES013933    Sample_23 SOES013934    Sample_24 SOES013935    Sample_25 SOES013936    Sample_26 SOES013937    Sample_27 SOES013938    Sample_28 SOES013939    Sample_29 SOES013940    Sample_30 SOES013941    Sample_31 SOES013942    Sample_32 SOES013943    Sample_33 SOES013944    Sample_34 SOES013945    Sample_35 SOES013946    Sample_36 SOES013947    Sample_37 ROER025191    Run_01 ROER025192    Run_02 ROER025193    Run_03 ROER025194    Run_04 ROER025195    Run_05 ROER025196    Run_06 ROER025197    Run_07 ROER025198    Run_08 ROER025199    Run_09 ROER025200    Run_10 ROER025201    Run_11 ROER025202    Run_12 ROER025203    Run_13 ROER025204    Run_14 ROER025205    Run_15 ROER025206    Run_16 ROER025207    Run_17 ROER025208    Run_18 ROER025209    Run_19 ROER025210    Run_20 ROER025211    Run_21 ROER025212    Run_22 ROER025213    Run_23 ROER025214    Run_24 ROER025215    Run_25 ROER025216    Run_26 ROER025217    Run_27 ROER025218    Run_28 ROER025219    Run_29 ROER025220    Run_30 ROER025221    Run_31 ROER025222    Run_32 ROER025223    Run_33 ROER025224    Run_34 ROER025225    Run_35 ROER025226    Run_36 ROER025227    Run_37