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Experiment ID:
  • Title: A microRNA polycistron as a potential human oncogene.
  • Author: He L, Thomson JM, Hemann MT, Hernando-Monge E, Mu D, Goodson S, Powers S, Cordon-Cardo C, Lowe SW, Hannon GJ, Hammond SM
  • Journal: Nature.2005 Jun 09;435(7043):828-33.doi:10.1038/nature03552.
  • Abstract: To date, more than 200 microRNAs have been described in humans; however, the precise functions of these regulatory, non-coding RNAs remains largely obscure. One cluster of microRNAs, the mir-17-92 polycistron, is located in a region of DNA that is amplified in human B-cell lymphomas. Here we compared B-cell lymphoma samples and cell lines to normal tissues, and found that the levels of the primary or mature microRNAs derived from the mir-17-92 locus are often substantially increased in these cancers. Enforced expression of the mir-17-92 cluster acted with c-myc expression to accelerate tumour development in a mouse B-cell lymphoma model. Tumours derived from haematopoietic stem cells expressing a subset of the mir-17-92 cluster and c-myc could be distinguished by an absence of apoptosis that was otherwise prevalent in c-myc-induced lymphomas. Together, these studies indicate that non-coding RNAs, specifically microRNAs, can modulate tumour formation, and implicate the mir-17-92 cluster as a potential human oncogene.
  • PMID: 15944707
Expression Profile:
  • Description:MicroRNA expression in lymphoma lines
  • Organism:Homo sapiens
  • Source:GEO
  • Source ID:GSE2399
  • Platform: GPL1899
  • Number of samples:40
  • Overall design:N/A
  • Instrument:Human-mouse microRNA array v8.0
Design and Sample:
  • Cancer Type:leukemia
  • Cancer SubType:T cell leukemia
  • Cell Line:Jurkat
  • Experimental Design:cancer vs normal
  • Case Sample:Jurkat
  • Control Sample:Normal B cell
  • Num of Case:4
  • Num of Control:4
  • Quantification Software:Limma
  • Num of miRNAs:190
  • Num of Up:42
  • Num of Down:35
Time Info:
  • Create Time2016-03-14
  • Update Time:2021-05-27

Differentially Expressed miRNAs List

miRNA ID Cancer Type Design logFC AveExpr T value P value adj Pvalue Status Plot