e.g.     GT name "UDP-Gal: β-GlcNAc β-1,4-galactosyltransferase T1 (b4GalT1;beta4GalT-I;GalT)"
Genbank Accession "CDJ98633.1"    Uniprot Accession "P15291"


520,179 GT

21,647 Species

554,892 Sequences

1,132 Structures

394 EC

4,788 Gene Ontology

1,170 KEGG Orthology

1,124 Pfam ID

More detailed summary is available on the 'Statistics' page.


GTDB is an integrated repository of glycosyltransferases, which collects comprehensive information, including amino acid sequences, coding region sequences, available tertiary structures, protein classification families, catalytic reactions and metabolic pathways involved, from distinct well-known databases or predictions.

Search—advanced search provides various queries to specify users’ concerns accurately.

Browse—browse data by diverse classifications and download those data in batches.

BLAST— sequence search of GTDB to annotate query glycosyltransferases’ functions.

GTdock—performs several glycosyltransferases docking with the same one acceptor easily by AutoDock Vina.

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