Introduction and Acquisition of Biological Cohort and Omics Data Resources

Time Speaker Title
2023-12-15 Guoqing Zhang The introduction of the data resources of Bio-Medical Big Data Center
2023-12-15 Chen Suo Progress in the construction of Taizhou cohort based on Human Phenome
2023-12-15 Peng Zhang Application of graph neural networks in biomedical data
2023-12-15 Tao Huang Intelligent analysis and application of biomedical big data
2023-12-15 Liyun Yuan Common analysis processes for omics data and application of online analysis platform ViPMAP
2023-12-15 Renliang Sun The application process of UKBiobank data
2023-12-15 Minjie Xu NODE : Multiple-omics Data Management and Sharing
2023-12-16 Ruifang Cao The Spatial Multimodal Browser - SMDB
2023-12-16 Ruixin Zhu Causal inference and interaction, first-degree relative comparison and confounding factor control
2023-12-16 Na Jiao Microbiome sequencing data analysis and multi-cohort marker identification
2023-12-16 Yunchao Ling The conditional knowledge graph driven by large language models and knowledge patterns
2023-12-16 Wan Liu The submission of Microbial genome and element dataset
2023-12-16 Chaoqun Niu The big data system for experimental animal breeding

Integrated Analysis of Multi-omics Data

Time Speaker Title
2022-09-14 Yixue Li Bio-Medical Big Data and Precision Medicine
2022-09-14 Liyun Yuan Transcriptome Data Analysis and the application of VIPMAP
2022-09-14 Huidan Chang WES/WGS Data Analysis
2022-09-14 Yuwei Huang Single-cell and Spatial Transcriptome Data Analysis
2022-09-14 Qiang Li Introduction to Microbiome Analysis and iMAC Platform Application
2022-09-14 Kai Wei Integrative Analysis Algorithms of Multi-omics Data
2022-09-14 Tao Huang Case Studies for Integrative Analysis of Multi-omics Data

Bio-Med Big Data Management and Application

Time Speaker Title
2021-10-30 Ruifang Cao NODE : Multiple-omics Data Management and Sharing
2021-10-30 Jie Wang Regulatory Network Analysis
2021-10-31 Yidi Sun Technologies and Computational Analysis Strategies for CRISPR Applications
2021-10-31 Tao Huang Machine Learning Prediction Models
2021-10-31 Guangyong Zheng CASMAP - A Cloud Based Integrative Multi-omics Data Analysis Platform
2021-10-31 Fudong Yu Case Analysis Based on Tumor Multi-omics Data