• New updates in NODE submission portal

    Enhancements added to v3 NODE submission portal include:
    1: Batch upload: "step by step-multiple" creates batch-upload for samples, experiments and archive records;
    2: Multi-omics submission: users can now upload raw data of multiple omics data types into one project;
    3: Append new data to an existing project: users can use "step by step-multiple" to append new samples and experiments to an existing projects.

  • Bio-Med Big Data Center (BMDC) assists the research that reveals crucial function of circular-RNA in innate immune process

    A latest research on circular-RNA and its role in innate immune regulation, by Prof. Li Yang’s laboratory of CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology, was published in a prestigious scientific journal “Cell” (Structure and degradation of circular RNAs regulate PKR activation in innate immunity, DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2019.03.046). Study’s nucleic sequence data were produced by Multi-Omics Core Facility of BMDC, and managed by NODE database, a new generation of data hub for multi-omics big data.

  • Bio-Med Big Data Center (BMDC) participates in a study of novel off-target analysis technique

    Prof. Yixue Li, the director of BMDC, co-authored a research article with Prof. Hui Yang of Key Laboratory of Primate Neurobiology, CAS and Lars M. Steinmetz of Stanford University on a novel off-target analysis technique “genome-wide off-target analysis by two-cell embryo injection” (GOTI), published on Feb. 28th 2019 in Science (Cytosine base editor generates substantial off-target single-nucleotide variants in mouse embryos, DOI: 10.1126/science.aav9973). By using this technique, they observed the occurrence of a large number of unpredictable off-target single-nucleotide editing events, suggesting the serious safety risk of base-editing technique.