Featured Database

Author Name Descriptions Release & Version Access Publication/Citation
Zhang, GQ
MPA Mycobacteriaceae Phenome Atlas 2023, V1.0 https://www.biosino.org/mpa/
Zhang, GQ
PreDig Predicted signatures in Digestive system 2023, V1.0 https://www.biosino.org/predigs
Zhu, RX
NAFLDkb A knowledge base and platform for drug development against Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease 2023, V1.0 https://www.biosino.org/nafldkb
Jin, L
HUABIAO HUABIAO project: Public database of whole-exomes of the Han Chinese 2021, V1.0 https://www.biosino.org/wepd
Zhu, RX
Zhang, GQ
Dr AFC Drug Repositioning based on Anti-Fibrosis Characteristic 2020, V1.0 https://www.biosino.org/drafc/
Zhang, GQ
ViGTK Virus Genome Toolkits 2020, V1.0 https://www.biosino.org/ViGTK/
Li, YX
PhenoModifier The database of genetic modifiers 2019, V1.0 https://www.biosino.org/PhenoModifier/
Xu, SH
PGG.Population Genomic diversity and genetic ancestry of human populations 2018, V1.0 https://www.pggpopulation.org/